Serena Colson is a wannabe paleo-ish chef, frugal food fanatic, and unapologetic dork. Her passion for “real food” started when she moved to the country at six years old, on a 5-acre farm in sunny northern California where she once helped plant 1000 (yes, one thousand!) tomato plants, a lifetime supply of zucchini, and rows and rows of the best strawberries under the sun—among dozens of other things. There, she came to believe that the best food is the kind that comes home with a little dirt still on it. She learned that farm-fresh eggs are so good they hardly need salt, that meat animals may only be given names like “Yummy”, and that there really is nothing better than growing your own farm-to-table meal.

Although living on a farm is now just a fond memory of good times past and a lingering dream for the future, Serena still cooks simple, budget-friendly, “real food”. Her pocketbook doesn’t currently allow her to do things like buy organic meat and vegetables, but it DOES allow her to make a trip to the produce stand and come back with a week’s worth of veggies for twenty bucks. Her pantry has transformed only slightly over the years as she dove into the world of paleo-ish cooking in an ongoing journey to tame some gut and skin issues.

This blog was created to chronicle recipes so that anyone who ever told her “OMG I need that recipe!” could finally stop bugging her. And so that her husband wouldn’t have to dig through her Pinterest page just to find that one alfredo sauce recipe for dinner. And also, so that she could make Paleo-ish cooking accessible to people who, like her, want to eat well on an unimpressive budget—or, one better: those like her, who are also trying to pay off tens of thousands in student loans in the process.

When Serena is not in the kitchen, you can find her teaching English as a second language to incredible kiddos, practicing yoga, biking the trails of Germany (her current home), or dancing with her husband.